About Us

Memorable Places

Explore memorable places on our meticulously crafted day tours, exclusively designed for cruises, discovering the scenic beauty of the Icelandic landscape.

Our Team

Our expert team curates day tours with a focus on cruise enthusiasts, ensuring unforgettable experiences in the unique, picturesque, captivating, and beautiful Iceland.

Sweet Prizes

Join our day tours designed for cruises with a delightful journey, and as a token of appreciation, we will offer you a special present to sweeten your experience with us!

Educational Experiences

Embark on our enlightening day tours, meticulously designed for cruises and curious minds, offering a perfect blend of educational experiences and adventures.

About Us

Artistica Tours (IRDA ehf) is a small family company that offers you a unique opportunity to experience our tours, which take you and your group on an unforgettable day tour through the Icelandic art scene. We specialize in crafting day tours meticulously designed for cruises, ensuring an immersive fusion of beautiful sights and cultural enrichment.

Our Mission & Vision

Day Tours for Cruises

Artistica Tours offers unforgettable tours for cruise passengers, ensuring an immersive experience in Iceland’s wonders, from cascading waterfalls to volcanic landscapes, fostering lasting memories.

Harbor-to-Highlights Tours

Discover Iceland’s charm right from the harbors with Artistica Tours. Our tailored tours for cruise passengers promise a seamless journey into the heart of this extraordinary island.

Seamless Adventures for Cruise Passengers

With a vision for seamless travel, Artistica Tours specializes in crafting tours for cruises, providing cruise-goers a taste of Iceland’s beauty, culture, and adventure straight from the harbor.

Cruising Beyond Ports

Our mission is to extend the cruise experience beyond ports, offering exploratory tours showcasing Iceland’s diverse landscapes, vibrant traditions, and unmatched natural beauty to cruise enthusiasts.


We deeply value and appreciate the collaborative efforts of our partners, fostering mutual success and delivering exceptional experiences to our clients. Together, we create lasting partnerships that elevate our labor.